Cursory Criteria

Applicants Must be a legal entity (Not a private indicidual) with immovable property that is bond free or has a very small bond.

  • The Property may be registered in the name of a (different) private individual, as long as the applicant is a legal entity.
  • ITC record must be clean.
  • Minimum property value of R 500 000 as rule of thumb.
  • Normally a maximum Loan to Value equal to 50% of the valuation
  • Term: 4 – 24 months
  • Interest payable monthly
  • Capital repayable at the end of the term
  • Exit route must be clear from inception – how will the capital be repaid – what future event will generate enough capital (example: receipt of payment of large invoice/order; sale of stock; normal commercial/residential bond, sale of property, etc)